Designs by Kodie Hayes

If you know me, you definitely know I like to experiment with many different types of art mediums. I have experience with graphic design, web design, photography, videography, soapmaking, printmaking, sewing, pepakura design and other various arts and crafts. Sometimes I sell my work or accept commissions, so if you are interested please contact Kodie at


Reptile-Related Awards

  • 2014 Exo-Terra Nactus Award Top 6 in the Reptile Behaviour Category (Uroplatus pietschmanni)
  • 2012 Exo-Terra Nactus Award Top 6 in the Reptile Portraits Category (Savannah Monitor)
  • 2011 Reptile-Loving Zombie Photo Contest Winner (Self Portrait with Savannah Monitor)
  • 2011 Christmas Reptile Photo Contest, 1st Place (Bearded Dragon)
  • 2010 Photo Contest, 1st Place (Crested Gecko)

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