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We are breeders of ball pythons, Uroplatus lineatus, Uroplatus fimbriatus, Correlophus ciliatus, African soft-furred rodents, Norwegian rats and Blaptica dubia roaches. We also have experience with various exotics including savannah monitors, leopard geckos, gargoyle geckos, Uroplatus pietschmanni, bearded dragons, Nephrurus amyae, Nephrurus levis levis, red-eared slider turtles and sugar gliders. As a conservational effort, we are working towards increasing the amount of endangered species in captivity while also producing healthy reptiles of multiple species suitable for both beginner and advanced reptile hobbyists.

In addition to updating our website, we also upload our own videos to YouTube as well as photographs to Facebook and Instagram, so if you are interested in seeing more of what we work with everyday, check them out in the links on the footer of our website and search Instagram for our page, @thelizardhorde.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us anytime at thelizardhorde@yahoo.com. No matter what the subject is, we always enjoy talking about reptiles of all species.

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Kodie Hayes & Chris Boudreaux

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